Google voice accounts

The service of Google voice is useful for the people of US who have Google accounts. But the people of other countries like Canada, Denmark, France, UK, Spain and many other European counties who are Google Workspace can use it. The invention of Google voice accounts came in March 11, 2009, but proper on this service was started in 2017. These accounts are useful when a person want to separate his/her business and personal life. You can buy google voice phone number from us with cheap rates.

Buy google voice phone number

What is Google voice number?

Google voice number is a service provided by Google, through that you can make calls, voicemails as well as text messages to any other number without any hidden or open charges. This number will be a US number and this will be selected by user with local area code and phone number. If you will select multiple phone numbers for Google voice numbers, then after calling, all selected phones will be ringed. If you want to buy google voice phone number, then you should have a US telephone number. Because Google will send verification code through that your Google voice number will be confirmed.

Features of Google voice accounts

It should keep in mind that when a tool will be provided from Google, then it means that this website have unlimited features. Because Google is own full from features and when a tool will be generated by Google, and then Google will add lot of features in it. Many additional features of Google are also adding in Google voice numbers. This number has the feature of call forwarding to other telephone numbers.

Low rates calling system

As the inflation is increasing in all over the world and these changes are also on social media. But it is too much amazing that the rates of calling through Google voice are very low. Because all local calls are free while it is only 0.01$ per minute, if you will make international calls. It is important to note here that there is no need of internet connection for calling through ordinary number. While when you want to call through Google voice then you should have internet connection.

Change your Google voice number

Only some producers give the option of changing product after purchasing. And Google is that producer in social media world that give you the chance of change of your number. So when you will buy google voice phone number, then you have a chance to change it. But this service is not free, because if you will choose any other number for Google voice then you will be charge.

Port your ordinary number as Google voice number

If you love your existing number and don’t want to change it. But there are large numbers of benefits of Google voice number and want to use these benefits. Then in this case, you can use your old number as your Google voice number. And all features and facilities of Google voice will be added in your existing number. So, only Google can provide your extra features for your business and personal purposes on your existence number. However, as you know that if you want to get more features and benefits, then all these facilities are not free on your existence number.

Use different numbers for your various purposes

Whenever, you will use Google voice number, and then you can select different devices for different purpose. Suppose, you want to use Google voice number for your office, then at evening whenever you office time will off, then your Google voice number will be off. And you will not disturb from office when you will at home.

Reasons of using Google voice number

Google voice numbers have more than 10 years old, but most number of people avoids using this service. Because, they are unaware from the importance of Google voice number.  But as much people are learning from this service, the demand of Google voice number is also increasing. The offers which you will get from Google voice are will not be provided from any other service. However, here are some important reasons and due to these reasons; you will use Google voice number for business.

Switch phone during calls

This offer is only in the hands of Google voice number. Because, all other social media apps and cell phones are not advanced like Google voice. Have you listen that during call, you can change your mobile phone without cutting your call? It was impossible, but now, through the use of Google voice number, you can do it. Through pressing on * button, you can convert your call from one device to another.

Block unwanted phone numbers

Before 2013, there was no service of blocking phone numbers, but it is advance world. And you can block numbers as much as you want. However, Google voice is at the top for providing such facilities. While using Google vice numbers, you can block someone number in just single minute. And when the owner of blocked number will call you, then he will listen the voice of “Number not in service”. So it is best way of getting rid from those people which are not important for you.

Call forwarding

As we discussed above that Google voice number is an advanced tool of Google and there are many useful features which are not available in other tools. However, it also allows setting rules and regulation for your life with call forwarding. For example, if you have a Google voice number and then you can set it on your different devices. Then it will be ring on your nearest device when someone will call you. For example, if you have double device and one is at your office and other is at your home. So you can set a time table and your device will be ring at your required time. When you will at office, then your office mobile will be ring and when it will time of your home, then your home device will be ring.

The features and benefits of Google accounts are very useful for your personal and business life. So it is important to buy Google voice numbers for getting these advantages.